Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jessica Alba's Body After Baby Secret: A Girdle (Postpartum Belly Binding)

My post about postpartum belly binding from October has gotten more hits since I published it than the rest of my blog combined. This is a HOT topic! Women everywhere want to know the secret to a great postpartum body. Jessica Alba's secret? A girdle, or wrap! Check out the story here! I think I assumed that all celebrities simply hire a personal trainer and work out like crazy to get back into shape, but Jessica claims that the workouts killed her, and she hasn't exercised since. She credits her girdle for her amazing postpartum body.

I really wish I had heard about this 10 years ago before I started having babies. I hope I can repair some of the damage done by 5 babies after this one is born, and I definitely want to try a belly binder. Please check out my earlier post for more information about the reasons for belly binding, and suggestions on some brands you can try.

I wouldn't recommend no exercise at all. If a wrap or binder can produce such amazing results, then just imagine how much better and more fit you will be if you use a girdle and moderate exercise. You will be healthier and have more energy and vitality if you exercise cautiously after giving birth. Check out my previous posts on postpartum tummy exercise and staying healthy and low-risk. Even exercise you do during pregnancy will be beneficial after pregnancy as well, and these are simple, easy exercises you can try.

Also, if you or someone you know has had experience with using a postpartum girdle, wrap or belly binder, I would love to hear about your experience. Did it make a difference for you? What brand did you use, and how did you like it? Would you recommend belly binding to other women? I have a friend who just had her third baby a few weeks ago and for the first time she is using a belly binder from the Belly Bandit. So far she loves it, and I hope to publish her story on my blog in the future.


  1. don't bind your body! embrace it with love and awe of the amazing work you have done. and, of course, breastfeed (and wear flowy shirts/dresses and leggings or yoga pants)!

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