Friday, February 20, 2009

Non-Pharmacological Methods of Pain Relief for Childbirth

Many women are afraid of natural childbirth because they're afraid that by choosing an un-medicated birth they are choosing an incredibly painful birth. This is not necessarily the case if a woman educates and prepares herself for an un-medicated birth. I know this from experience. There are many non-pharmacological (non-medicated) methods for pain relief, and these are just a handful of examples that I thought I'd share today. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like more information.
  • Moving and changing positions for labor and birth. Positioning can make all the difference in labor progress as well as in comfort during labor.
  • Use of touch (handholding, stroking, patting) and Massage, and much more.
  • Immersion in water during active labor (as opposed to early labor) when the water is maintained at body temperature.
  • Use of Intradermal Water Blocks (subcutaneous injections of sterile water) - particularly effective for back labor, but there are many other comfort measures that can be used for back labor as well.
  • Continuous Labor Support by an experienced person (who provides physical comfort, such as relaxation techniques, massage, non-clinical information and advice for the laboring woman and her partner, advise on effective position, heat or cold for pain relief, and emotional support (encouragement and reassurance).

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