Friday, February 13, 2009

BOBB Newsletter, Including News from Brazil with 93% Cesarean Rate for Middle Class Women

I know I post about The Business of Being Born a lot, and it's because they are doing such wonderful things in advocating birth options and education for women. Their film is part of what has motivated me to be so active in this pursuit. They have released their most recent newsletter. To go directly to the newsletter, click HERE. There is a ton of new information, and you should take a moment to see what's going on.

The most interesting part of the newsletter for me is the report from Abby's trip to Brazil. Most industrialized countries have a c-section rate of about 30%, which is astronomical considering that only as much as 15-20% of births have a medical indication for c-section. Brazil, as a whole, is extremely baby and family-oriented, so it's incredibly surprising that in Brazil's middle and upper classes the cesarean rate is about 93%! Abby's report gives some interesting information about why this is, and contrary to popular belief it's not the doctors that are pushing for the surgeries; it's the women. Please take some time to read it, and let me know what you think!

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