Monday, February 23, 2009

Utah Doula Association Conference This Week!

The Utah Doula Association is having their bi-annual conference this Saturday, February 28 in Salt Lake City. I'm very excited about this conference and I'm looking forward to attending! I hope to learn a lot, and to meet other doulas and people in this business who support women's education and right to choose their birth preferences, as well as other things like natural birth and home birth.

As doulas, we support women in every setting, whatever the woman chooses is what we support her in. We attend hospital births as well as birthing centers and home births. We work together with doctors, nurses, midwives, apprentices, and birth partners (husbands, mother, etc.) in supporting the birthing mother in achieving her ideal birth. I love this work so much, and I'm really happy to be able to attend this conference. Please check out the UDA website to learn more about their group.

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