Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Real Risks of Pitocin

This article has been going around the internet like wildfire! I've read a lot about pitocin, but I never realized everything that was involved with its routine use, or the real risks. All expectant parents need this information.

"Pitocin – a very useful drug that improved obstetrics and gave us options to help women in ways we weren’t able to before!

"Pitocin – a very seductive drug that changed obstetrics, increasing risks to mothers and babies in ways that are often not even taken into consideration.

"Both of these statements are true – how can that be? I will do my best to explain this complex issue in a simple and straight forward way. Be warned…much of what you are about to read will probably be new to you because these are the things that aren’t being talked about!"

"Pitocin is a drug used to induce or augment labors here in the US. It is most often given via IV infusion, although immediately postpartum if an IV isn’t already in place it may be given as an intramuscular injection. It was created for the first time in 1953 and became available just 2 years later. Mothering magazine writes, “A survey by Robbie Davis-Floyd, a cultural anthropologist at the University of Texas, found that 81 percent of women in US hospitals receive Pitocin either to induce or augment their labors.” It has been said that only 3% medically require it." (emphasis mine)

I could copy the entire article into this post, but it would be better for you to read it at the source. Please read this important article about the real risks of pitocin:


  1. Whoa! I have done lots of research and know a lot about pitocin and cytotec but i didn't know about the Chlorobutanol in pitocin! Thank you for posting this article! I always learn so much from your blog! Thanks!!

    (and can i say, they didn't tell me ANY of those risks when they gave me pitocin for my 1st labor? and when i questioned the cytotec and how it can cause uterus rupture, my doctor had the gall to tell me he had never heard of that!)

  2. I've been doing a lot of research about Pitocin lately. After giving birth to both my babies (7 years apart) I suffered from pulmonary edema which almost killed me. I had 4 teams of medical professionals tell me in was unexplainable and to not have any more children. Looks like it might have been a rare and very adverse effect of Pitocin.

  3. just like the autism it ceates

  4. Just like developmental delays in children and brain damage in children in causes! I know from experience and recommend no one get Pitocin unless life threating wish I would of new possible side effects to my baby! I would of told them NO WAY!