Sunday, July 25, 2010

Great Post on Group B Strep

Sheridan at Enjoy Birth has written a great blog post about Group B Strep: Group B Strep - Why Should I Care? It's full of resources so you can educate yourself and make an informed choice in your prenatal care.

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for posting this! I chose to be tested for the just in case factor because i'm planning a homebirth and *if* we transfer, i didn't want unnecessary things done to me or my baby.

    Because i'm having a homebirth, and because of my risk factors, i don't see myself as being high risk for having an effected baby. Like my midwives say, when we're at home they do not break my water, they do not do unnecessary exams, they don't touch my baby if they don't have to, they don't bathe the baby (the vernix is a protection to baby), and they don't prick the baby breaking their barrier of skin protection.

    But i've had many people who were concerned when i said i wasn't sure if i would test, or if i was positive that i wouldn't go to the hospital and have antibiotics.

    Now i have a *wonderful* resource to show them the facts! Thank you!