Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Breech Resources: Turning a Breech Baby

I love sharing information with the amazing mamas on my Mamas and Babies facebook page. I recently asked for some resources about breech babies, and I want to share those with you.

For information about the risks and options with breech babies, please see some of my past posts on the subject:
  • Spinning Babies is the first resource I think of when someone asks about turning a breech baby. It's full of information and tips, and I'm honored that they have a link to my own breech birth story.
  • Stand and Deliver has some really great posts about breech: The Dance of the Breech (which has amazing illustrations and descriptions of how to catch a breech baby), and International Breech Conference, Day 1 and Day 2.
  • The Times Colonist has a great article about Canadian doctors no longer doing automatic c-sections for breech babies. They are, in fact, trying to teach physicians how to attend vaginal breech birth.
  • Traditions in Prenatal Care has a transcript of a radio show on which they discussed breech babies and a technique called "sifting" that can be used to help turn a breech baby into a head-down presentation.
  • Here's a website that has 17 ways to turn a breech baby.
  • The ICPA has some information about the Webster Technique, which is a method that chiropractors can use to attempt to turn a breech baby.
  • And last, if you're on facebook and want support and interaction with other moms of breech babies, you can look up Breech Birth.
Only 3-4% of babies will not turn head-down before birth. Most babies will be vertex and in the optimal position for birth. But for the small percentage who don't, we need to know how to help them, whether by turning before labor begins or in assisting with a vaginal breech birth.

If you have any additional information or resources about breech babies, please share them! I have a special place in my heart for breech babies.


  1. Try Hypnosis! Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis has a CD or MP3 download to help turn your breech baby!

  2. Good suggestion Sheridan! When I observed a Hypnobabies course for my doula training there was a lady in the class who was using that CD to try to get her breech baby to move. I had forgotten about it since then.