Friday, October 1, 2010

Prevention of Preeclampsia with Aspirin?

The Unnecesarean posted an interested piece about using aspirin to prevent preeclampsia:

Aspirin in Early Pregnancy May Prevent Preeclampsia

It's all about a meta-analysis that found that low doses of aspirin started early in pregnancy (16 weeks gestation or earlier) lowered the incidence of preeclampsia.

Preeclampsia, Toximia, HELLP Syndrome & Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension are all related variations of the same pregnancy complication.  They are serious and potentially dangerous, and these conditions have been linked as causes for preterm labor, which puts the baby severely at risk.  I think it's really great that doctors are trying to find ways of preventing these issues.  I also think there are healthier ways of approaching prevention than turning to a chemical medication.

Preeclampsia and toximia are preventable with good nutrition.  Do everything in your power to Stay healthy and low-risk.  The healthier you are in general through exercise and proper nutrition, the much better your chances are of NOT developing pregnancy complications like preeclampsia.

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