Monday, April 26, 2010

TLC's A Baby Story Features Planned Home Births

This week TLC will air five new episodes of its show A Baby Story, all featuring planned home births. A new episode airs each day this week (starting today) at 11am MDT.

I've noticed they've been showing more unmedicated births and home births on A Baby Story this season, and so far I'm enjoying this trend. I'm anxious to see how the show will portray home birth overall.

Here's a list of the episodes:
Monday: #725, Baby Eisenberg
Tuesday: #726, Baby Malak
Wednesday: #699, Baby Sheehan
Thursday: #700, Baby Breen
Friday: #727, Baby Millers
I also discovered an excellent episode from 2008 that showed a home birth: #597, Baby LaRocco

I'm not sure if the episodes are available online.
Please let me know if you have an online source for them!


  1. Hey! I was in the Malak episode when my mom gave birth at home, that's funny running into this