Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Green Mama Benefit Auction Highlight: Bella Bottoms

Here's another fantastic item from the Cloth Diaper Foundation's Green Mama Benefit Auction: Bella Bottoms!

This diaper appeals to the pragmatist in me. It's a good dependable diaper for a reasonable price.

The INCREDIBELLA one-size pocket diaper has everything you and your baby want in a diaper.

Here are some of the reasons Bella Bottoms pockets are special:

  • Unique fold-down snaps and 9 sets of waist snaps for a perfect fit for any baby! The snaps on these diapers are all hidden, so there will be no snap marks on baby's delicate skin.
  • Openings in BOTH the front and the back, making this diaper easier than any other to stuff. Plus, you don't even have to remove the soaker if you don't want to. The diaper is designed so the soaker will easily come out in the wash! These diapers each include a 100% cotton tri-fold soaker AND a 100% hemp bi-fold doubler.
  • Lastin elastic! This elastic is the ONLY elastic that will withstand exposure to urine and hundreds of washes.
  • A stay-dry layer of butter suede on the inside to keep your baby drier.
  • Top quality waterproof 2mm PUL to prevent leaks and wicking.
  • Unique snap-down adjustable rise. INCREDIBELLAs have 3 rise settings for a terrific snuggly fit on any baby from birth to potty training!
  • Made in the USA...Austin, TX!

Remember, the benefit auction begins tomorrow!

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