Friday, April 9, 2010

WHO: "Elective Cesarean Sections Are Too Risky"

"Despite medical advances and increasing access to improved obstetric care across the globe, surgical childbirths are still more risky for both mother and baby, according to an ongoing international survey by the World Health Organization (WHO).

"A new report from the survey... found that in Asia—in both developed and developing nations—cesarean section births only reduced risks of major complications for mother and child if they were medically recommended. Elected surgical deliveries, on the other hand, put both at greater risk.

"'Cesarean section should be done only when there is a medical indication to improve the outcome for the mother or the baby,' the authors of the report concluded. Common reasons for a recommendation for cesarean delivery included a previous cesarean section, cephalopelvic disproportion (when the baby's head cannot fit through the mother's pelvic opening) and fetal distress."

Click here for the full article in Scientific American Observations

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