Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Green Mama Benefit Auction Highlight: Custom Monthly Grace Starter Kit

Monthly Grace is a unique and wonderful cloth menstrual product.
Each pad is handmade with love and care using the finest products.
Monthly Grace pads are made with a fleece layer for both waterproofing and breathability. The 10 inch and 13 inch pads are made standard with an inner core of Zorb for maximum absorbency. The pad topper is quilted only to the inner absorbency layers, and not to the waterproof layer, in order to prevent wicking. Each pad comes with Grippies(R) attached to the bottom, to prevent slippage.

Custom Starter Kit
With this kit, you'll get one 8 inch light flow pad, one 10 inch regular flow pad, and one 13 inch overnight pad. This way, you'll get one of each length to try, and find which is right for you! You choose the fabrics! Printed minky and solid colored fleece, black OBV and coordinating knit (hidden fleece), or natural OBV and coordinating knit (hidden fleece). OR... try all three!

The auction starts in just 2 days...

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