Monday, August 8, 2011

Pregnancy Photos - 16 Weeks

Pregnancy #8, baby #6

At 16 weeks I'm wearing some maternity clothes and some "bigger" regular clothes. I'm getting comments from strangers, the most common one being:

"Are you having a boy or a girl?"

How the heck should I know?!

I've consistently gained about 1 pound per week so far. If this trend continues I'll gain a total of 40 pounds.

Side shot - 16 weeks

Front view
And you've just been treated to my first pregnant belly photos ever.


  1. If it makes you feel any better I've gained 40 lbs each time with my two kids and it has turned out to be a healthy weight gain for me and I've been able to loose it pretty fast afterwards. I think some women just put on more weight with babies than others! And some of us have bigger babies :)

  2. You're so cute!!! My pants are digging into my stomach (I've had to do the old rubber band through the button-hole trick). :) So happy things are going so well this time around! :)

  3. I usually gain at least 40 lbs. Love the pics!