Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pregnancy Update - 18+ weeks

Yesterday as I was snuggling my sick toddler in my bed I decided to do a mini-prenatal checkup on myself. It had been about 5 weeks since I met with my midwife, and per our agreement I decided to check my vitals and record them in my file.

Gestation: 18 weeks, 3 days
Weight: Up 6 pounds in about 5 weeks
Blood Pressure: 90/46
Heart Rate: 75 BPM
Fetal Heart Rate: 140 BPM

I haven't measured my fundus yet, but I've felt the top of it just below my belly button, which seems right for the gestation.

I've started noticing fetal movement each evening for 3 days prior to this, all in the lower right area near my pubic bone. The night before I'd actually felt movement outside as I held my hand against the active area, and it was very exciting. I haven't been able to hear anything with the fetoscope yet, so I've been using the doppler to check fetal heart rate. It takes some practice, and I imagine the fetoscope will require some patience and practice as well.

I posted my vitals on facebook and someone commented about my diastolic number being quite low. I decided to retake my blood pressure, and the reading was 107/65. That's a normal reading for me, and I feel good about that. The first reading may have been inaccurate, or it might have been influenced by the fact that I was so relaxed as I lay in my bed with my toddler.

This is so different from going to a clinic or even someone else's home to have them take my vitals and tell me how the pregnancy is going. I'm tuned in with myself and I know how it's going.

My energy levels have improved in the past week, along with my overall mood and health. I feel better and happier. I'm enjoying the pregnancy and enjoying my children. I have moments of overpowering love for my family. Life is good.

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