Friday, March 25, 2011

Radio Broadcast About Planned Unassisted Birth

A friend of mine, knowing about my interest in Unassisted Childbirth, recently shared this with me:

It's an hour-long radio broadcast by a couple discussing their planned unassisted home birth. They explain their reasons, preparations, reflections, and spiritual inspiration. They are of the LDS faith (Latter-day Saint, or Mormon), so the broadcast has heavy religious undertones.

I loved it so much that I saved a copy of the broadcast to my computer, and shared it with everyone I know.

Here's my all-time favorite quote from it:

"Would you want doctors? Yes, to set bones. We should want a good surgeon for that, or to cut off a limb. But do you want doctors? For not much of anything else, let me tell you, only the traditions of the people lead them to think so; and here is a growing evil in our midst. It will be so in a little time that not a woman in all Israel will dare to have a baby unless she can have a doctor by her. I will tell you what to do, you ladies, when you find you are going to have an increase, go off into some country where you cannot call for a doctor, and see if you can keep it. I guess you will have it, and I guess it will be all right, too."
- Brigham Young, October 9, 1872, Journal of Discourses, page 255

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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