Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My First Experience With a Menstrual Cup

I recently wrote about my decision to switch from tampons and pads to a menstrual cup, and I'd like to follow that up with some points from my first experience with my Diva Cup:

  • Instructions: It's a good idea not to lose your menstrual cup instructions before reading them. I had opened the package to check out the cup and somehow lost the instructions by the time I was ready to use it. I decided to wing it, assuming that I'd already learned enough in my online reading about it.
  • Support: It's also a good to have friends to turn to if you have questions, especially if you happen to lose your instructions. Online groups are great, but I happen to have some family members who use the same cup I have, so I was able to call someone if I had any questions, of which I had a few.
  • I had NO LEAKING the entire time I used the cup. I had been cautioned to use pads the first few days or so just in case, but I didn't need them. I was very impressed, especially because even tampons leak when they get full.
  • Frequency: I only checked my cup every 12 hours, morning and night, except once in the middle of the day when I noticed a little pink tinge when I wiped after using the toilet. I checked the cup at that time and found it was half full, so I dumped it, rinsed it, and put it back in.
  • Insertion was easy for me. I used the C-fold recommended in the instructions (but I had actually read about this online prior to ordering my cup), and that fold worked really well for me. I tried the 7-fold and punch-down fold but couldn't get the cup to unfold properly after inserted, so I went back to the C-fold.
  • Removal was tricky. I had been cautioned to make sure I broke the seal before removing, so I thought I'd have to get my finger against the rim and break it there. After asking my sister about this, she told me all I had to do was squeeze the cup and twist slightly, and that worked MUCH better. It doesn't really leak during removal, but most of the time I removed it while sitting on the toilet. Once I took it out in the shower, and simply squatted. It helps to bear down when I want to take it out, which leads to my next point.
  • Sphincter muscles are amazing! Whenever I laughed, sneezed, coughed, passed gas, used the toilet, or got in certain positions, etc. I could feel the cup slide out ever so slightly, and sometimes more so. The same thing happens with tampons, only because the cup was sealed inside I didn't have to worry about it falling out like a tampon might. The cup always slid back into place afterward. After the first two days I got used to it and didn't notice the movement anymore.
  • Comfort: The first time I had the cup in I could feel the stem rubbing against my private parts, and it was uncomfortable. I suspected I didn't have it in deep enough, so I readjusted it. At first I thought I might have to trim the stem for a more comfortable fit, but as I got better at inserting the cup it wasn't a problem anymore. By the time my period was ending I didn't even feel the cup.
  • Cleaning: I boiled the cup before the first use, and each time I removed and emptied it I rinsed it in the bathroom sink before putting it back in. I always checked it in my bathroom at home, which was easy because I only checked it twice a day. I always washed my hands well before removing it.
  • Leaves no trace! This is my favorite part. There was nothing to throw in the trash can. I always dumped the menses directly into the toilet before rinsing the cup. I also noticed there was no annoying smell. Disposable tampons and pads always have a paper/chemical smell that's distinctive. The only smell was the menses itself, which surprisingly was not offensive to me. There was nothing in the bathroom to indicate I was on my period, and nothing sitting in the trash can making the bathroom stink. My husband didn't even know I was menstruating until I told him, and he's usually the first one to notice.
Overall I'm very happy with my menstrual cup. The first few days were all about figuring it out, but once I got a feel for it I realized it's very simple and easy. I can now see why so many women recommend them, and I plan to use mine for as long as it will last. Goodbye to disposable menstrual products!


  1. I have been wanting to try the cup so thank you for posting this review.

  2. Thanks for the review! I've just recently heard about the Diva Cup, and have been curious to hear about it via a review NOT on their website. :) It seems a little expensive, though, which is probably the only think keeping me from trying it at this point!

  3. DoulaLauraC, cost was my biggest road block, so I searched until I found what I felt was the best deal. I ordered my Diva Cup from I order homeopathics and other products from that site, so it worked out to include the cup with my regular order. Plus, it was the best price I found.

    Think about what you might spend on disposable menstrual products and consider the fact that a menstrual cup can generally be used for several years. I've even heard of women using their cup for over 10 years! To me it made the initial investment worthwhile.

  4. Can I ask what made you decide to choose this one as opposed to the plethora of other choices out there? Thanks.

  5. Quantmlife: The Diva Cup was the one I was most familiar with. I know more women who have tried it compared to other brands. It was also a relatively low price compared to some other brands. After reading multiple reviews, I figured I would be happy with most any brand I tried. I considered buying the Moon Cup, but it was slightly more expensive than the Diva Cup on the website I was ordering from.

  6. Love my DivaCup!! One tip I followed was that even after trimming the stem, it felt uncomfortable (I must have a short vagina or something, haha) so I turned the whole cup inside out and use it that way.

  7. I am so glad I came across your review! I made the switch to a Diva Cup about six months ago and will never look back. I love it for all the reasons you stated in your review. It is so simple and easy to use. I feel like my period is less of a hassle using it than when I used pads and tampons.

  8. I bought a 'Mooncup' (UK) three months ago and it's been one of the most amazing things I've ever done! I can't believe how much better my world is now I'm not struggling with leaking tampons and those final bitty days. I think every woman should own one! xx

  9. The menstrual cups start to be revolutionary and thanks to bloggers like you more women are getting knowledge about its usage and that it is really a safe product. Two months ago I got an Iriscup menstrual cup from (they sell worldwide and deal others brands at a very affordable price).

  10. going to give it a try! thank you!

  11. Hi!! Great Blog!!! Great descriptions!!
    But what about intercourse with it???

  12. I would remove it for intercourse.