Friday, March 11, 2011

Articles About Home Birth, Vaginal Breech Birth, and More!

Here are links to my most recent articles published on the Pampers website. I'm really excited to write about some of these options for a venue where they can be seen by women who might not otherwise consider them.

I Loved Giving Birth at Home! - I got to talk about home birth and how I came to choose it.

My Breech Baby Had a Vaginal Birth - This is one of my favorites, because I finally got the chance to write for Pampers about my surprise breech home birth. It brings back such wonderful memories!

Is Natural Childbirth for Me? - I explain some of the reasons women choose natural birth. We're not trying to be martyrs or prove ourselves better than anyone else. It's a matter of personal accomplishment and doing what we feel is best for ourselves and our babies.

Midwife Birth: An Option for My Healthy Pregnancy - I explain how a midwife is a good fit for a healthy pregnancy, in the hospital or at home.

Considering a Birth Center - I discuss the option of having your baby in a birth center rather than the hospital, and ultimately why I decided home birth instead.

Labor and Birth Can be Beautiful - How I discovered beauty and strength through natural childbirth.

I Wish I Had More Childbirth Pictures - One thing I would change about the births of my children: have someone designated to just take pictures.

Gentle Birth: Preparation Helped Me Achieve My Goal - Approaching pregnancy with the goal of a gentle birth.

Prenatal Information: Preparing for Pregnancy and Birth - Some of the things I did to prepare for birth throughout my pregnancy.

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