Wednesday, November 24, 2010

VBAC With Inverted T Incision

Last year I blogged about an emergency cesarean for face presentation, which resulted with an inverted T-incision.  Even after such an intense experience, the mother was determined not to let her cesarean scar keep her from giving birth vaginally in the future.  She went on to have a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) with a planned home birth and a support team that spanned the globe.  You can read her two amazing birth stories here:


  1. i LOVE Amy's story! i also had an inverted T, followed by 2 other repeat cesareans, and then had an amazing vba3c after inverted T in August 09. it's definitely possible! there is a support group out there that really helps get info to those mamas who need it, just fyi:

  2. I am searching to do a VBA3C the last three years ago was a slight inverted-t. I am having a lot of resistance and bullying and maybe forced to be at home on my own. I wish more doctors were educated properly on latest research and not how to make their life easier.