Monday, November 29, 2010

From the Mouth of a Five Year-Old

I had forgotten, until recently, what a cute age five can be.  Here are a couple of things my five year-old has said to me the past few days:

(While watching me put sprouts on my sandwich)
5 yo: "I don't like sprouts, but when I'm a Dad I'll like them... or when I'm 10."

(While snuggling in bed trying to get to sleep)
5 yo: "The baby's not cute."
Me: "Yes he is, and so are you! Will you ever get to a point when you stop being cute?" 
5 yo: "When we're bigger." 
Me: "And you won't need to be cute anymore?" 
5 yo: "Because we'll be strong."

I love my kids!

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