Monday, February 22, 2010

Rebekah's Home Birth Midwife

by Rebekah

"I had a midwife with my daughter 3 months ago. It was so great! She had such a warm calm nature about herself and it was almost like she could calm you down just by being in the same room, which we know helps when your in labor to be calm.

"Even though my husband and I went through Bradley Classes she was able to recognize when I was either pushing before I was ready or was also able to help me calm down if I couldn't control myself.

"She never acted impatient or upset because my labor took a long time. Total Labor time 21 hrs. and I pushed for 3 hrs.

"One great thing with having a midwife is that you are in your own home.

"With our birth my husband was able to catch our daughter. Then he handed her over to me. We were the only people who held our daughter for her first hours. It was wonderful and such a blessing. He got to cut the cord while she was in my arms.

"It was beautiful experience that I will never forget. I plan on using her again for our next child if she is still a midwife."

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