Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Different Midwives, Different Experiences - Part 2

How I Met My (home birth) Midwife
by Kaitlin Rose

"The first time I met my (home birth) midwife, I didn't actually meet her that night.

"We were sitting next to each other listening to Suzanne Arms (a natural childbirth advocate) speak. At one point, Suzanne asked us to find a stranger sitting near us to do an exercise with. Since my fiance was sitting to my right, I turned to my left, only to be staring at the back of a bun. The woman to my left had turned to her left, so I was forced to look elsewhere.

"It was that event where I was first made away that home birth was a viable option. I thanked Suzanne afterward as we were about to leave and she pointed out that one of the two midwives in the area who performed home births was sitting next to me. I gasped - those kinds of things really get to me. I love strong coincidences.

"Turns out, I had another link to this woman.

"I hired my doula before hiring my midwife. She teaches a natural childbirth class where I lived, and Eric and I decided we'd like to hire her as our doula within just a few classes.

"Her first birth was at a local hospital, but her second was at home with the midwife whom I was sitting next to. Another connection. This intrigued me.

"In the back of my mind, I knew she was who would be delivering our baby into the world in our home before I ever spoke to her on the phone or had her over for an interview. I had a feeling - much like the "feeling" that I was going to have a natural, uncomplicated, safe and beautiful home birth.

"I couldn't have been more right about the connection I, and my fiance for that matter, felt to our midwife. I felt like I'd known her for years when we met. There was an instant kinship and likability all around.

"During my labor, she blended into the walls, but her presence was such a source of strength and comfort. She let me labor - she let me trust my own process. It was great. She knew just when to appear, such as when she asked how much I had eaten and suggested Eric make me a protein shake. We had talked about that in prior visits and had all necessary essentials stocked and ready.

"When it came to "the moment" - the spontaneous moment I felt like pushing, suddenly, there she was, coaching me on.

"She has delivered over 1,000 babies into her hands. I trusted her, grew to love her, and can't imagine anyone else as my midwife. I'll travel back to Kalamazoo or fly her to where ever I am to ensure she is there."

Kaitlin is a home birth mom who has launched a website all about bringing birth home.

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