Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Poem: The Dangers of Pregnancy and Childbirth

This poem pokes fun at doctors and nurses, but there is also some truth in it.

The Dangers of Pregnancy and Childbirth
Author Unknown

You're risky if you're big
You're risky if you're small
You're risky if you have 5 kids
Or if you've none at all

You're risky if you're young
You're risky if you're old
You're risky if the weather's hot
And also if it's cold

It's risky with a midwife
It's risky on your own
But with half a dozen strangers
You'll have no need to moan

You have to be in bed
Cause it's risky in a pool
If you don't get out to push
You really are a fool

In fact, we'd better cut you
It won't come out "down there"
We OBs always know what's best
If you refuse, BEWARE:

Your child will be disabled
That's if she doesn't die
You'd best believe me dearie
Cause OB's never lie

So be a good girl now
And just do as We advise
[whispered aside]
We'll have her done in time for golf
If only she complies

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