Monday, July 25, 2011

Typical Newborn Procedures in Hospital Birth

This video is typical of newborn procedures in the hospital. This is considered normal, and yet the newborn is separated from mom for several minutes while being poked and prodded by strangers. Keep in mind that this is a healthy baby, with no complications.

This is completely different from my home birth experience in which I held my baby from the moment he was born. He never left me, and the midwives gave us about an hour or so before doing any of the newborn exam. He didn't have anything put in his eyes or injected into him or hooked up to him other than my breast.

My baby didn't cry.


  1. Oh! This is so true and terrible. For the first minutes of life outside the womb, never was that little guy in contact with real skin or being looked at or talked to. So sad that this is "normal".

  2. Oh my word, it makes me so sad to see this :(
    And, honestly, I do not want to have a baby that way, EVER... I hope that when the time comes, I will be able to find a birthing center with different options or do a homebirth. It hurts my heart to see the little guy...

  3. It makes me sad. I'm due in a few days, and I'm worried sick about how things will go in those moments after the baby is born. I will be birthing in a good hospital, which will support many of my wishes (I can catch my own baby, skin to skin right afterwards)... but I am still worried and sad thinking about having to be in a room full of nurses and a doctor, when I would rather just have privacy.

    Oh, and eye drops in my area - required BY LAW. I've been informed that if I try to refuse the eye drops, then the hospital will "respect my refusal" and them promptly report me to the children's aid society/child protective services. So I guess I'm getting eye drops and thanks to the hosptial administrators for bullying pregnant moms. Someone's getting their jollies on that.


  4. You really do have to stick to your guns I had great midwives who understood the benefits of skin to skin and was able to hold my baby for more than an hour before any measurements.
    Its your choice.
    I did however have very strong views on NO vitiamin K and stuck to this although both midwives wanted to give.
    I am really glad I stuck to my plan after intensive reading on VIT k and my own holistic beliefs

  5. This video actually almost made me cry!!! And even though it's standard procedure, it's such a horrible way to have to be treated in your first few minutes in life. So glad my little guy didn't have to go through this when he was born.

  6. That video made me pretty sad. But the nice thing is the father personally replied to me and said they wanted a home birth next time!

  7. Oh wow that made me feel sick poor little guy. Notice how he calmed right down when given to his mother. How awful!

  8. That poor mama looked so devastated. :(

    I'm getting ready to have another hospital birth...I got to have my daughter with me immediately after birth the second time around...because she was born in triage and they didn't get a chance to take her away from me. It made me tear up because I just want to hold my baby. That's all. I don't care about weight or height or footprints (which, luckily my hospital doesn't do) right away...I just want that little bebe.