Friday, July 8, 2011

12 Weeks!

Just a quick update.

I'm 12 weeks today. Yay! I never made it this far with either of my miscarriages.

I'm still tired a lot. Someone suggested that I take my prenatal vitamin with lunch to help give myself more energy in the last half of the day. I did that yesterday and it seemed to help. I made it through the day without taking a nap, which was amazing.

I had an issue earlier this week where I thought I had a urinary tract infection. I had frequent urination (no surprise there - duh, I'm pregnant), constant low back pain, bladder pain (constant aching and hurting during and after urination), and lots of muscle fatigue and soreness. I got some urinalysis strips from the local pharmacy, but my leukocites and nitrites were negative for a UTI. My midwife suggested my symptoms could be from muscle soreness and/or dehydration. I realized I hadn't been drinking much water, and she was probably right. I started drinking water like crazy, with trace mineral drops added to it, and taking baths with epsom salts at least once a day. Within 24 hours I was feeling MUCH better. I'm so grateful for a smart, wonderful midwife! I even thanked my husband for "making" me hire her again.

So, in a nutshell, at 12 weeks I'm still having a lot of first trimester woes (mostly fatigue and mood swings) but they seem to be easing. I'm also having some typical second trimester symptoms. My belly has already started popping out and my body temperature has risen, so the summer heat is affecting me more than usual. All in all, I'm happy to have clear signs that I'm still pregnant.


  1. Congrats!! Maybe try getting your thyroid checked, I read about someone having no energy during pregnancy and it turned out it was her thyroid.