Saturday, May 15, 2010

Update on Dr. Biter Rally

If you're following the story and events surrounding Dr. Biter's loss of delivery privileges at Scripps Memorial Hospital, here is an article about the latest rally event yesterday:

More info at

I also want to include a video that shows just how effective grassroots activism can be in making a positive change in a community. It's a great motivator to get involved and stand up for what's important to you:


  1. I love this movie! What a great testament to these women's commitment and power, and what an empowering example for us all.

    And thank you for the link! I was so glad to be able to read and share Abi's story this week.

  2. Thanks Melissa! I'm really glad you got to share it as well. I think it's important to spread the news of important events like this happening. The "Where's My Midwife" campaign is so powerful, and I think communities everywhere should be taking a stand for women and babies in their area, and demanding quality, loving care.