Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quick Update on Dr. Biter and His Birth Center

Dr. Biter is moving forward after his resignation from Scripps Encinitas Hospital. There is a new blog to follow the development of his birth center: Build Babies By the Sea

Here is a message from Dr. Biter:

"I am happy to say that I still am able to do 100% of my gynecological practice. As far as my OB practice goes, my staff & I are currently arranging the schedule only for pregnant women at this time. In many OB practices, a doctor sees a patient at some visits and a stranger delivers. You know that I do not practice that way. Everything that I have done has kept you, my patients, as first priority. This has cost me hospital privileges that I rightfully won back, a lot of money, and even more nights of lost sleep. I don't know what to say to reassure you other than that. My commitment to you has never been up in the air. My refusal to allow your birth to be a political or financial deal has put me into this unwanted situation, but you and your baby are worth it. Ours is a huge trust of faith....keep the faith. Birth matters."

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