Monday, May 24, 2010

The Shape of a Mother

In media everywhere we are given the impression that women should get back to their pre-pregnant body immediately after having a baby. What celebrity photos and the media don't tell you is that a woman's body is permanently changed after pregnancy and birth. This doesn't have to be a bad thing.

This website features women from all walks of life, at various stages of pregnancy and postpartum. Each story is from that woman's perspective, with no judgement, just her experience and her body. I think it's a great resource for women to realize that their body changes after pregnancy are normal and beautiful, and it can help them embrace their new body image. The pictures and stories are submitted by the women themselves, told from their perspective.

I think it's important to be healthy and fit, but I also think that women need to be comfortable in their own skin regardless of their size or appearance. It's important to love yourself and your body no matter how it looks. If you're unhappy when you're out of shape, you're not going to automatically find happiness with a trim figure, because happiness really comes from within.

I must advise, there is nudity on the site.

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