Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Amazing Birth Experience

I recently attended a birth, and the experience was incredible. The first-time parents had taken a Hypnobabies course and prepared themselves as much as they possibly could for the birth of their baby. Even though the the labor did not go exactly as planned, the mother still went through with her plan for a birth with no epidural and kept her focus. The baby came very fast, and it was intense, but everyone came together to help and support the mother and her baby, and we all had a wonderful experience.

I was very impressed by the father, who stayed at his wife's side the entire time and put his whole focus on her. He was able to tune in to her feelings, and when she started to show even the smallest amount of hesitation he was able to capture her focus and help her to be calm almost immediately. The mother was amazlingly strong, and followed her husband's cues excellently. She listened to our instructions and did a fabulous job. I feel in awe and truly privileged to have been a witness of such a miraculous event. My love for women and their roles as mothers is increasing with everything I learn about birth and every experience I have with it. I've asked the mother to write her birth experience and allow me to share it with you all here on my blog. I hope that will be forthcoming in the near future.

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