Saturday, January 8, 2011

Support for Sexual Abuse Survivors Giving Birth

"A staggering 65 percent of women experience some form of sexual abuve in their lifetime... Katie Wise opens a 3-part Mother's Advocate series about survivors of abuse giving birth. She courageously shares her personal story and insights for other women who've survived, and for the people who care for them."

I Will Survive: Thoughts on Survivors Giving Birth

This article hit close to home. I'm a sexual abuse survivor myself. The part about the c-section restraints really resonated with me. I wonder if that's part of the reason I've always had an unnatural fear of c-section?

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  1. Hi Cherylyn,

    We noticed that you posted a link to Katie Wise's post on our blog. Thank you so much for spreading such an important message. We subsequently opened up a discussion about coping with the sometimes challenging emotions of birth, and would love for you to join if you're interested:

    Mother's Advocate