Monday, December 21, 2009

Why Choose Cloth Diapers?

This article, posted by the Real Diaper Association, is a really good reference about cloth diapers. It explains the reasons for choosing cloth diapers, including cost, health, environmental, and avoiding rash and skin problems.

The logo above is from Miracle Diapers, a non-profit organization that helps provide cloth diapers to qualifying families nationwide. I am so grateful for their services, because they helped provide me with enough cloth diapers to get started while I worked on building my own stash.

I'm really glad I made the choice to switch to cloth. My only regret is that I used disposable diapers for over 9 years before making the switch.

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  1. What a great resource, and I'm sure a real blessing to many!!
    We just switched to cloth last year. Best thing we ever did, and like you, over 9 years with disposables. That is a big regret for us too!

    Thanks for all you share with us. You are an inspiration to me for sure!