Monday, December 28, 2009

The Perineum's Vital Role in Female Health and Birth

"You know that thong of tissue that keeps your tongue anchored to the floor of your mouth? It’s your frenum. And the translucent cartilage between your nostrils is your septum. And the flesh that stretches like a hammock between your vagina and your rectum is your perineum, and you and it are going to have a special relationship in the childbearing year.

"You will want to be on good terms with this most tender of tissues. You will want to get to know it well. You will want to become, in fact, your perineum’s pal."

My Perineum, My Pal

This is an informative article which explains the function and importance of the perineum in female health and childbirth, as well as detailed ways you can strengthen your perineum, prepare yourself for birth and take care of yourself postpartum. This is information I believe every woman should know.

I also found a video all about incontinence (bladder control) problems during pregnancy. It's really interesting, and it explains why it happens and what you can do to minimize such problems:


  1. With my dabbles into perineal massage of late, this article is very timely and helpful. Thank you :)

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