Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Upcoming Forum on Breech Birth

My midwife has a monthly forum for all of her pregnant ladies. I'm particularly excited to attend this month's forum this Thursday. One of the moms who has recently given birth had an amazing experience when she birthed her baby breech. Yes, that's right, the baby came out feet or buttocks first! She is going to come and share her birth story with the rest of us, and I'm really excited to hear it.

In past years vaginal breech delivery was not unheard of. I personally have a brother who came out of the birth canal buttocks first. Physicians used to delivery breech babies vaginally all the time, but nowadays the common medical approach to a breech position is to automatically do a cesarean section. In my opinion it's another example of unnecessary surgery, and I'm always thrilled to hear of a baby being born vaginally and safely, especially when there were complications that would have likely elicited medical staff to prep for surgery.

For more information on positioning of the baby, please check my earlier post on posterior babies. Much of the information also applies to breech position. The knee-chest position mentioned in that post is an excellent position for moving the baby out of the birth canal to allow it to move into a more favorable position.

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