Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today Show Segment and Article About Doulas

The Today Show did a segment this morning about doulas. I have mixed emotions about the video segment. I feel the Today Show tried to show opposing viewpoints, and in the process a lot of negativity about doulas came out. If you watch the video clip, please take it with an open mind and come to your own conclusion. While I don't agree with all of the opinions presented in the video, I think it's important to get people thinking so they can do their own research and make better, more informed decisions.

The Today Show also has an article entitled "Expecting parents: What is a doula?" I think the article is excellent. It's well-written and gives some concise information and accurately depicts what a doula can offer to expecting parents. It's not very long. I hope you take some time to read it.

My own experiences with my doula have been wonderful. My doctor and hospital staff always worked well with my doula, and my doula was never overbearing or pushing her opinions on anyone. She fulfilled her job very well, which was to support me and my husband and our birth decisions and provide the comfort and assistance we needed. She was quiet but assertive when necessary and helped keep me focused. It also helped so much that the hospital staff and doctor were very good about honoring and following my birth plan.

Please check out my personal doula's family blog. Her opinions and reactions to the segment mirror my own, and I want to give her credit for the wonderful work she does.

It is very important to communicate clearly with your caregiver and labor support team (doula, partner, etc.) during pregnancy to ensure that they are aware of your wishes and willing to work together in achieving the best results for you and your baby.


  1. How sad! that is not who I am and they kind of warned all to stay clear of this thing called DOULA. Cherlyn, keep your vision.I have done this so long(25yrs) I have seen a lot and I have gotten discussed with doctors when they suggest that a mother and her husband consider a more medicalized birth, when she is doing well, they just think that 12 hours for labour is to long!! and then again I have seen some midwives that I want to slap for doing the same thing. I still encouraging mommas to look at their own bodies and get them to understand that our bodies were created to open up and birth!! And then allowing them to take the time to talk with there husband and allow them to make any decision. Kelley,

  2. Thanks for your kind words. I'm definitely not losing sight of my vision. I think any press is good because it helps bring more attention to doulas, and I think that self-thinkers will realize the value in what a doula can offer, and also realize how much the medical field is driven by money. The medical field in the USA has become a very BIG business, and I'm not just talking about having babies. Someone I know who has chronic cancer has told me about the horrific costs involved with their oncology treatments. For a lot of doctors it has become about making money and protecting themselves from any liability rather than truly trying to provide the patient with what is best for him or her. I'm grateful for medicine in certain circumstances where it is definitely needed. I'm grateful to have been able to take my son, whose airway was closing up because of severe croup, to the emergency room so they could give him medicine to open the airway back up and save his life. Medicine has a place, but in over 90% of births it's not needed. However, about 99% of births in the state I live in take place in the hospital, so we do need to work with the medical professionals in helping women, even if it means helping inform the women beforehand and acting as their advocates in labor when they may not be able to stand up for themselves... OK, stepping down from my soap box now :)