Sunday, November 23, 2008

Opinions And Open Discussion

When I started this blog I wanted to present as much information and options about pregnancy and childbirth as possible. I also wanted to maintain as neutral a position as I could. However, as I learn more and post more in my search for information, I'm finding myself leaning in certain directions. For instance, after having four babies in the hospital I've now decided to birth my 5th baby at home, and I've been researching a lot about home birth which has resulted in some opinionated posts. I'm presenting my opinion which has been formed as a result of much research and personal reflection, on my own past experiences as well as those of others whom I've come into contact with.

If you, the reader, disagree with anything I say, feel free to comment with your standpoint. I'm open to discussion. I would prefer to avoid blatant bickering or inflexibility, but I am open to discussing different viewpoints and presenting whatever information I can to compare options and opinions. This is my blog, but I created it with a deep desire to connect to women all over the world and create an environment of learning and growing.

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