Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What if Something Goes Wrong During Home Birth?

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  1. Great video! This is definitely the question I get asked the most, too. While my homebirths were unassisted, I definitely made sure my hubby and my MIL understood what I had for emergencies and where it was and how to administer it (things like Angelica, Shepherd's Purse, placenta if needed, etc, etc). Thankfully though I have my FIL (a 45+ year ER MD) across the road, my MIL was an RN, and my hubby is a paramedic, so I'm in a pretty ideal situation to go unassisted. My only real fears are things that there is no way of really controlling at home and would without a doubt require transfer, like a cord prolapse or something. A LOVE the books "Heart & Hands: A Midwife's Guide To Pregnancy & Birth" and "Birth Emergency Skills Training." Even though they are midwifery textbooks, I think they are excellent resources for any homebirther!