Friday, October 30, 2009

Study on Health of Mothers and Newborns Throughout H1N1 and Cold/Flu Season

My friend Rachel, author of The Beginning of Motherhood blog and Labor and Delivery Nurse, is conducting a survey about the outcomes resulting from current CDC recommendations regarding H1N1 and new mothers and babies. She needs study participants from three groups of women:
  1. Those who have symptoms and have been isolated from their baby but continue to feed breast milk,
  2. Those who have had no symptoms, were given baby within 2 hours after birth and breastfed,
  3. Those who have no symptoms, but were not with baby within 2 hours after birth and breastfed or expressed milk for infants.
All of these should be full terms infants (37-42 weeks) . They can be born at the hospital, or alternative birthing area. She is hoping to follow these babies for six months to see who is getting sick.

For more information, please see Rachel's blog: The Beginning of Motherhood

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