Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Father's Role in Breastfeeding

A friend of mine referred me to this wonderful blog post about the role of fathers in breastfeeding.

Fathers play a vital role in supporting the mother in breastfeeding. I know that my husband has been instrumental in helping me breastfeed our 5 babies successfully. His conviction that breastfeeding is best, along with the support he's given me to allow me to nurse our babies has made a huge impact for me.

Here are some tidbits from the post:

"Babies benefit just as well from close, personal and warm shirtless affection from dad too! This can be a crucial aid in helping babies "connect" so to speak, with their dads and learn to recognize him quicker than just by his voice"

"Many times, mothers and fathers underestimate the essential role of the partner. As the aforementioned demonstrated, a father's presence and support is one of the biggest determining factor on whether mom continues to breastfeed. What I find so lovely is when I do house visits by mothers experiencing breastfeeding problems, I sometimes hear "the baby's father said I must persevere with breastfeeding". This is not a harsh, domineering stand, rather it is a much needed "pillar of support" that comes from the man's side. These moms experience relief of having their partners back them up and may give them added determination when problems threaten the breastfeeding relationship."

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