Monday, July 6, 2009

Cloth Diapers I've Sewn

I've been using cloth diapers for over a month now, and I love them. I've also been doing research and figuring out the best pattern to use for sewing my own cloth diapers so I can build up my diaper stash. I've posted about cloth diapers twice before: All About Cloth Diapers and More About Cloth Diapers, so I won't go into great detail here about cloth diapers, but I would like to share photos and a little info about what I've been doing to make my own.

I use prefold diapers (basic flat diaper with a thick section in the middle for added absorbency) in waterproof covers. I haven't sewn any prefolds of my own yet, but I have some cotton flannel material I plan to use for that.

I based my diaper cover pattern on Rita's Rump Cover pattern. I chose this pattern for two main reasons: maximum adjustability to fit most children, infant to toddler age so I don't have to make different sizes for my different sized children, and the nice trim fit of this diaper.

I made some alterations to the pattern to fit my needs, including adding touch tape to avoid using diaper pins, removing the front wings, and folding the front and back over to help hold in a prefold diaper.
Here is the diaper cover by itself, inside view, ready to be stuffed with a prefold diaper. The green part is PUL fabric, especially designed to be waterproof. I used cotton flannel on the top to conserve my PUL where it wasn't needed, and to add some color to the cover.
Here is the cover stuffed with a medium size prefold diaper
You can see where I've added long strips of touch tape for maximum size versatility. Hook tape on the front, and loop tape on the inside of each wing.
I also added hook touch tape to the outside of one wing so the wings can stick to each other for a secure fit, and hopefully to avoid drooping or having my kids take their own diaper off. I've had problems with drooping with some of the retail covers I've tried.
This is the front of the diaper, stuffed and closed.
And here is the back. The back panel is key for size versatility. For a toddler, just put the diaper on as is, and for a younger child simply fold down the top back of the cover to create a lower rise to fit the baby.
Here is a photo of my 3 1/2 year old wearing the diaper. Notice that the wings don't overlap because of his size.
The backside of my big boy. The flannel panel isn't folded down at all for him.
A side view. Notice how trim the diaper is.
This is the same size diaper on my 18 month old. Notice how much the wings overlap on her, and it still fits her snug. I used a different piece of flannel when I made this cover, but everything is the same as the diaper my son is wearing. She had been wearing this diaper all night and I took the photo first thing in the morning, so it was very full at this point.
Here is a back view of the diaper on my 18 month old. The back flannel panel has been folded down to fit her nicely. She wouldn't hold still for me to take a side view.

I'm really enjoying using and making cloth diapers. I look forward to using them on my infant soon!


  1. Cute! Those turned out awesome!

  2. Thanks Heather :) I've made 4 covers so far and a few prefolds, and I'm hoping to make a bunch more.

  3. Love those! Glad CD'ing is going well for you. I love it, too, just not handy at making my own like you are. Great job!

  4. I love the RRP, I've made 8 of the pocket diapers so far and they were super easy to make. That's saying alot considering it was my 1st sewing project since high school home ec. Here is my question, do you think that making the cover's from the same pattern would be a good snug fit and leak- proof over the pocket diapers I have already made from flannel? Also how many covers did you get out of a yard of the PUL? Sorry so my ?'s I'm trying to get a stash sewn and ready for my little one who is expected to arrive in Oct. and i've decided that making my own will be the most ecinomical way to go about it.

  5. Laura, I'm not sure how it would work over the pockets you've made, but it would be worth a try. It might be a bit bulky where the wings overlap in the front, but it should be a snug fit. I was able to make 9 covers out of 1 yard of PUL.