Monday, July 20, 2009

The Birth Survey - An Excellent Childbirth Information Resource

The Birth Survey

This is a cool website that's been set up for childbearing women and maternity care professionals everywhere. You can:

  • Share your own birth experience by taking the survey,
  • Connect by viewing consumer feedback on hospitals, birth centers, doctors, and midwives in your community, and
  • Learn, by viewing hospital intervention rates.

I think this is an important resource, as it can provide a great amount of information to help you make informed choices in your own prenatal and birth care.

Here is a statement from the group who created The Birth Survey project:

"We believe that women of childbearing age must have access to information that will help them choose maternity care providers and institutions that are most compatible with their own philosophies and needs. We hope that the Transparency in Maternity Care Project will provide information that will help women make fully informed maternity care decisions.

We also believe that maternity care practitioners and institutions must have access to feedback from their patients. We hope that doctors, midwives, and hospital administrators will find the information generated through the Transparency in Maternity Care Project useful in quality improvement efforts.

Women need accurate, objective data in order to make fully informed choices about birth settings and providers. Practitioners and hospital administrators also need data to evaluate whether they are delivering quality care. We hope this project will fill a void by providing much needed information that benefits all parties engaged in maternity care."

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