Friday, February 24, 2012

Banned From Facebook

I've been blocked from facebook for 24 hours because of a link I posted on the Mamas and Babies facebook page. It was a link to a photo of vaginal breech birth.

This photo:

I found it here and simply posted a link to it, and now I've been censored.

I honestly didn't foresee this picture being a problem, and I find it interesting that the link was blocked and I was banned, but the original content still remains on facebook. Please check out Lynsey's other birth photography work, because it's absolutely beautiful. I'm glad her page is still up, along with her amazing photographs.

I'll be back posting again on facebook tomorrow, but I'll probably be really paranoid about what I post from now on. It truly saddens me that I can't express myself and share beautiful photos of birth without being censored and threatened with being permanently blocked.

Please join Mamas and Babies on Google+, where the content I post is not censored.

1 comment:

  1. Im sorry mama. I do not understand why this happens when so many other photos remain. Preaching to the choir I suppose.