Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 22+ Weeks

22 weeks

I haven't posted a pregnancy update in about a month, so I figured now would be a good time.

I've been consulting with the midwives on the phone, but haven't had an official prenatal visit since about 14 weeks. I'm OK with this. I'm actually more than OK with it. I've been able to check my vitals and heart tones when I want to, which hasn't been too often, but the big thing for me is that I'm feeling my baby move - a LOT! I'm loving that, and it gives me assurance that all is well. My two midwives are just a phone call away if I need any help, and that's comforting as well. I can call them anytime with anything I might need, which isn't much.

At 22 weeks I'm still very tired, but otherwise doing really well. I find myself looking at my children with such intense love and wondering what I ever did to deserve them. I'm so grateful for my life and hopeful and excited for the future. Emotionally I've been feeling much more myself compared to the grumpy bear I was for several weeks.

I had an ultrasound around 19 1/2 weeks and found out we're having a BOY! This is boy number 5 for us, and we have one girl so far. We love our children so much, and we're very excited for another boy.

The ultrasound technician said that everything looked good, and the only item of potential concern was that my placenta was anterior and low. This means the area of the placenta that attaches to the uterus (which takes up about half the placenta at this stage) was attached in the front of my uterus and low, close to the cervix. The placenta wasn't covering the cervix (placenta previa), just close to it. The tech said that most of the time the placenta moves up and out of the way by the time the baby is ready to be born, but she recommended a follow-up ultrasound closer to the due date (around 34 weeks) to double-check the location.

My main midwife, Sherri, wasn't overly concerned about the placenta. She asked me how I felt, and I told her I wasn't worried, and she recommended getting plenty of rest, lying down as much as possible, and staying positive about the placenta moving further away from the cervix.

The second midwife was more concerned. She strongly recommended that I do the follow-up ultrasound so we have a clear idea of what what we're dealing with before labor starts.

I don't have a strong inclination one way or another. I feel a peace and I'm not worried about the placenta. I haven't decided yet if I'll do the follow-up ultrasound.

In my 23rd week I noticed was more tired than my usual fatigue, and I wondered if my iron levels might be low. It's been a known pregnancy issue for me in the past, so I got my iron checked right away, and it turned out to be a healthy level. I realized that my fatigue got worse, along with my hip, low back, and general join pain, and wonderful mood swings, after I had run out of cod liver oil and stopped taking it. I never realized how much that was helping me until it was gone! I'm ordering more cod liver oil and using other coping techniques in the mean time.

In general I feel good and happy, and I'm not worried about any problems with the pregnancy. I'm really looking forward to another wonderful home birth, and I feel nothing but peace about my plans.

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  1. Congrats on boy #5! :) I'm right behind you at almost 20wks with my boy #5 (I have one girl also!) Thanks also for the delayed cord clamping post by Penny Simpkin...loved her explination and demonstration!