Monday, April 11, 2011

Prenatal Health, Breastfeeding Advice, Family Planning, Pregnancy Tests, and More!

Here are some of my recent articles that were published by Pampers, for your reading and sharing pleasure:

Good Prenatal Health is Possible Through Healthy Practices - The importance of exercise and good nutrition during pregnancy.

Symptoms of Being Pregnant Vary From One Woman to Another - How my pregnancy symptoms differed from those of my friends and even from one pregnancy to another.

Breastfeeding Advice: A Help or a Hindrance? - Filtering the spontaneous breastfeeding advice people give.

Learning About Conception and Implantation, Ovulation and Cycles - How learning about fertility and paying attention to your body's cues can be empowering.

Family Planning Without Hormones or Chemicals - Using natural methods of family planning to avoid hormonal birth control and take control of your own body.

Prenatal Cost Depends on Coverage, Location, and Care Provider - How prenatal cost varies from place to place and according to your choice of care provider and location.

Understanding False Pregnancy Tests - My experience with home pregnancy tests and realizing they're not completely dependable.

Conception and Pregnancy Can Be Elusive and Unpredictable - In which I talk about my miscarriages.

Postpartum Doulas Support Families at Home After Birth - About the roles of postpartum doulas.

The Multiple Facets of Prenatal Services - Some differences in care I noticed between my doctors and midwife.

Choosing Baby Names Through Intuition - How we used a combination of research and intuition to choose our children's names.

Birthing My Children: A Rite of Passage - My observations of how empowering birth leads to stronger, more capable mothers.

Is "False Labor" Actually False? - My experience with false labor, including being sent home from the hospital three times!

Prenatal Classes and Personal Preparation Are Very Important for Childbirth - And it's important to choose the right one.

In Childbirth, Labor Pains Were Manageable Once I Shifted My Perspective - How my perception of labor pain made childbirth easier and a better overall experience.

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