Monday, February 14, 2011

Pampers Articles Covering a Wide Array of Birth Topics

I've gotten a little behind posting the links to my articles that have been published on Pampers. Here are the articles that have been published since my last update:

A Baby's Date of Birth: Not Always When you Expect it - About due dates and my preference of waiting for spontaneous labor.

A Birth Ball is a Wonderful Labor Tool - Why I love my birth ball!

My Fetal Monitor Journey - My experiences with fetal monitoring and why I choose not to be constantly monitored during labor.

What Can I Expect After Birth? - Many women don't think about postpartum when they're preparing for childbirth. This article talks about some of the things I wish I'd been more prepared for.

Childbirth Preparation: Being Prepared Makes all the Difference - This article outlines my personal childbirth experiences, emphasizing the need for good birth preparation.

Natural Birth Stories: Essential to my Childbirth Preparation - How natural birth stories can be instrumental in preparing one for labor and birth.

Breastfeeding: Not a Matter of Success or Failure - Similar to a blog post I wrote on here, this discusses my widening view of infant feeding and the importance of loving support and understanding.

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