Saturday, September 19, 2009

Liam rocks the house! - A Father's Perspective on Birth

My husband wrote this just two days after the birth of our little boy. I was pretty busy at the time and didn't think to post it. So here it is, better late than never!

Liam rocks the house! We are thrilled to announce that Liam was born at home! My wife has wanted to do a home birth for a long time, and after a lot of research, studying, and prayer about it we finally had the opportunity to work with an amazing Midwife and her attendants/ apprentices who were all either Doula's (Labor Support for Mommy) and/or Midwife's. We'd done natural births on the last two kids in the hospital with a Doula and this just seemed like a progression for my wife. I've always supported her decisions and I must admit that I was the one that dared her into doing an all natural birth in the first place. :)

For me the whole labor process the night/morning of his arrival was so laid back compared to anything we'd ever experienced in the hospital deliveries we'd had, there was a sense of complete peace and comfort, which I think comes from the fact we were able to have complete control over ambiance and atmosphere that you can never truly attain in a hospital environment. Hospitals are wonderful, but ultimately you are playing by their rules, understandably, not your own. You don't always get the one-on-one attention and support from the Doctor and Nurse staff, again understandable, and my wife always misses having the kids and me there during her recovery time, which we have been able to do this go around. Call her crazy, but she actually missed them and their monkey mayhem, and so did I.

My wife spent most of the night/morning in the birthing tub (she LOVES a nice hot bath!) and I was there to give support by either holding acupressure points that give pain relief or giving direct pressure on her sacrum or hips to ease the back labor, with the Midwife and her attendant there to aid when needed. There was a spirit of peace and calm that just permeated the house, and at one point I remember the Midwife commenting "I'll deliver your babies anytime, this is so much easier than most other births." She and her attendant, at least early on, spent the time making preparations for when they were needed, including being super and nice and washing some dishes and cleaning the table and countertop off, things I totally did not expect but greatly appreciated.

Liam was born in a birthing tub...breach! Let me tell you it was an incredible experience to witness as the Midwife and her attendants aided my wife and coached her on what to do. He came out butt first, then one leg, then the other leg, and then once his torso was free and he started getting his arms out he actually started helping pull and push himself out, including lifting his head free at the end. :D My two oldest kids were able to be there at the very end to witness it, and I gave Max the honors of cutting the cord when the time came. It is a life experience that I wish I could actually put into the proper words, I feel like even words can't truly describe the whole experience. Each birth of my children has been beautiful in its own way, each experience so unique, such miracles.

Now to what everyone really wants to know, his stats. He weighed in at a nice 7 lbs 15 oz and was 21 inches long. He has a head full of dark hair, and the few times he has graced us with a peek at his gorgeous eyes we think that they might be hazel, like Dad (Yay!), as we caught flecks of green and blue, so we'll just have to wait and see. He is an absolutely perfect little boy, not that I'm biased of course. :) Momma and the baby are both doing great, we're all just playing the sleep deprivation catch-up game...which any Parent will admit we never truly regain, I can sleep more when I'm dead. :P

If you're interested in reading my (the mother's) perspective of the birth, check out The Home Water Birth Breech Delivery of Liam.

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