Sunday, January 11, 2009

Singer Charlotte Church Gives Birth to Second Baby - At Home

I love to see news like this. We hear about celebrities having babies, but it's not often we hear about them being birthed at HOME. The article doesn't say much about the birth itself, just that the baby was born at home. You can read about it here: Singer Charlotte Church Has Second Child.

This is her second child, and I don't know whether her first was also a home birth or not. I'm curious about the details, but don't know if any will be forthcoming.


  1. I read that Charlotte lives in New Zealand. Our Oldest daughter lived in Australia for a while and said having babies at home was so normal. Midwives are honoured for their gifts there! We are so behind!!

  2. I didn't know Charlotte Church lives in New Zealand, but that's good to know!

    I've heard of the way natural birth is common, but revered and honored in other countries, and I think it's wonderful. Thanks so much for the information Kelley :)